Gijs Kooij wrote on apr 7, 2016

 Welcome to the first development update for Lyrist. I've been working a lot on the core functionalities and a lot is coming together nicely.

In this update:

  • Introduction video of Lyrist
  • Editor functionality (Embed media / Images / Links)
  • Development blog plugin


I've shot a short video of the inline editor of Lyrist. It only shows how to edit content in a simple way but this can be applied to any element on the website. Apart from this short demonstration, the real power is in the code in where you can easily convert templates to editable content and I will update more information about this on this development blog. Sign up for the mailing list to receive also updates of new posts.

editor functionality

Because I love space cats, the first thing I wanted to add is a quick image insert button so I can add all the cats I like. Features created are; image upload button from the insert menu, alignment hover icons on the inserted image and the removal icon. Possible addition is a predefined image format icon. (F.I. thumb / wide / square)

Below is the result of uploading a cat image... ^^

Development blog plugin

Lyrist is now mainly focussing on editing content of simple website pages but I wanted to create a small blog around the development of Lyrist and so i've created a small plugin to create blog items like this one. It's far from ideal at this point and I want to bring this functionality of creating 'custom post types' as soon as the base for Lyrist is done. 

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